What is a guidance counseling process

What is a guidance counseling process


The first step in the guidance counseling process is self-discovery.  We come to recognize your interests, skills, values, preferences and personality styles. It’s very important to base your career choice on who you are.

The second step is exploration. This is a process by which you learn to research career fields and related work environments. You can investigate internet and print resources. You can also participate in career fairs. We recommand you visit work sites and interview workers.

The third step is action planning. In this phase we combine your self-knowledge with the career information you’ve gained through market research and identify a career field to pursue. It is also important to establish at least one alternate plan.

When you have your project and alternative, we can determine the differents steps that need to be taken before you can reach your goal.

If you need help to  identify a career or training program, call us at 819-561-7712. We have a team of guidance cousellors that will assist you!